A film written and directed by Paco R. Baños

How your life would be like if only you could live

within a perimeter of 522 steps you have created ?

An agoraphobic girl involved in a trip to the end of the world.

The loneliness of the coach

(La soledad del Míster)

Directed by Ángel Tirado


What a coach can teach the best football player?

A look inside the job of one of the most poular

coaches in Spain; Joaquín Caparrós.



We don't like Captain Sausage!

(No nos gusta Capitán Morcilla)

Directed by Ángel Tirado and Antonio García Jiménez


A journey back to the 80’s, to the origins of the video

games industry, through the story of a group

of teenagers in their quest to create the most original

game ever.





Directed by Ángel Tirado



A father and son fishing team stumble across a body floating in the water. Simultaneously radar fails. As they retrieve the floating body, the answers are more frightening than the questions.



Totem Tanz

Directed by Ángel Tirado and Annamaria Anderloni



The sleep of reason produces monsters.





Slight City

(Ciudad Leve)

Directed by Ángel Tirado and Annamaria Anderloni



Audiovisual sight of a contemporary metropoli:

seven inhabitants talk about their relationship

with that overwhelming, amazing and finally slight city